Our Wordpress optimization package surgically removes bugs, boosts your Google search ranking, and provides an amazing user experience for your visitors.

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About our solution

How to double or even triple your traffic in less than a day

At this very moment, we can pretty much guarantee that there are at least one or two things we could fix on your site that are slowing it down, providing a poor user experience, or causing it to function poorly on multiple devices.

In fact, about 7/10 website owners have no idea that their site is actually filled with bugs, especially if they’ve never had their site speed optimized before.

Wordpress sites are notorious for having page load time issues, speed deficiencies, poor SEO rankings, and other problems because people either:

1. Make the site themselves, or

2. Hire someone to make it but not optimize wordpress performance

Freelancers and web development agencies will usually tell you that they include some kind of optimization, but here’s the hard truth: They usually put 90% of their effort into your overall site build and treat the wordpress speed optimization as an “add on” or accessory.

Your site speed optimization should not be the “Little Trees” air freshener that the mechanic gives you after fixing your car.

It should be treated with the same importance as the whole project.

Hate to break it to you, but the point is that there’s probably something wrong with your site. The good news?

We can fix it. Easily.

We’re the mechanic that throws in a free engine and 4 new tires

Not only do we do all of this for your site:

  • Ensure that the homepage does not use redirections
  • Enable server compression
  • Minimize Javascript
  • Reduce server response time
  • Optimize images
  • Implement object cache
  • Optimize/update PHP version
  • Specify dimensions of images
  • Minimize the size and number of requests
  • Minimize redirections
  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Postpone the loading of some JavaScript, doing it asynchronously
  • Take advantage of the browser cache
  • Minimize HTML
  • Convert your site to a secure version using HTTPS
  • Implement full page cache
  • Ensure that all resources are served from a consistent URL
  • Help you move your site to a Hosting more suitable one
  • Delete JavaScript and CSS from rendering block in content
  • Minimize CSS
  • Give priority to visible content
  • Implement and optimize your site for HTTP/2
  • Implement fragment cache
  • Specify a cache validator
  • Delete invalid requests

But we also throw in one of the most powerful site boosting assets we know of, the highly sought after CDN (content delivery network).

page load time wordpress performance speed up wordpress
Bonus #1

What’s a CDN?

A content delivery network is what some of the largest and most successful companies use to allow their websites to load lightning fast and function exceptionally well no matter the device or browser.

It’s a massive network of servers that deliver the content of your site to visitors using the closest server for each visitor, resulting in amazing speed and user experience anywhere you can imagine.

And you get it for free with our wordpress optimization package.

Your CDN will also better defend your site against DDoS attacks while maintaining high availability by being present simultaneously in different datacenters.

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Bonus #2

But wait, that’s not all!

For a limited time, we’re able to also give you one of the most powerful Wordpress plugins available: WP Rocket.

They call it “Rocket” for a reason: it makes your site load incredibly fast. That’s why we like to use it in combination with our other site speed optimizations.

Wordpress Rocket is an advanced “caching” plugin that stores and delivers large data site elements faster and more efficiently to your visitors.

Haven’t you ever wanted your site to “blast off” before?

wordpress performance speed up wordpress wordpress speed optimization

The ultimate 3 Point Wordpress Super Booster

No other web agency has been capable or brave enough to attempt such a powerful combination of site boosting tactics...until OnCloud entered the game. This is the most effective recipe of wordpress optimization tactics we could think of.

Right now, our Wordpress optimization service includes:

1. Our 26 point Wordpress inspection and optimization service to speed up WordPress (value of 99).

2. Our premium Content Delivery Network for an entire year (value of 120)

3. Wordpress Rocket license (value of 49)

A total value of 268 for just one payment of 99.

Money Back Guarantee

If your Website doesn't load faster, you get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

A Word From Our Customers

Our passion drives us to work hard and deliver outstanding results so we can be your WordPress Agency. Hear what our clients have to say about OnCloud.

website optimization review

Excellent thoughtful design for our business - well executed and on time

May Waters

website optimization review

I found OnCloud by chance when I installed a website plugin that crashed the whole site, and they fixed the problem with awesome speed and efficiency. I then asked them to make some changes to the site and again they were very fast, with excellent, friendly communication throughout. (...) Impressed!

Ruth Fraser

website optimization review

Great job from start to completion I was really struggling with ideas and the creativity and knowledge that the team brought was refreshing highly recommend

Tracey Coleman

website optimization review

If you want your wordpress site fixed by a responsive and professional company OnCloud is your right choice. I have been a customer for several months and any issue I have ever had with wordpress or woocommerce were resolved in no time. I can not priase the company enough. Thanks.

Glover Ella

website optimization review

If you are looking for that technical support team to back you up or just tiered of paying too much to have your website updated - this is the team. I have been working with them for several months and referred several other clients. they are awesome and very helpful on phone or online. By the way, the price is awesome.

Wanda Kelly

website optimization review

Very helpful and competent team. Always available to give you a hand. Thank you for the professionalism!

Sérgio Duarte

website optimization review

Without a doubt they are the best Wordpress Partners! Thank you for your effort!

Cream Agency

website optimization

The only question is: if you could increase your conversions by 47% for just 99 today, would you?

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